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So I've been playing Gabriel Knight 2 and really enjoying it immensely. However, in Chapter 3, upon placing the alarm clock in the plant and having Xavier go to investigate it (at which point I saved, d'oh), I can't move. I can't interact with anything, and can't get out of the tapes screen if I enter it. Gabe just stays still. He reacts if you click on him though and I can still review objects in the inventory.

Is this fixable? And if not, does anybody have a save for somewhere around there?

Many thanks. :)
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Robnek: ... Is this fixable? And if not, does anybody have a save for somewhere around there?
It seems to be a bug. The only way to fix it so far, is to replay the part and hope it doesn't hit again.

One user stated that this works: "After placing the cuckoo clock, exit Back Hall to Main Hall and IMMEDIATELY exit left to Front Hall. Wait for the video - Xavier hears the clock knock and leaves - click on the desk, click on the desk drawer and click on the keys. Voila!"

Unfortunately I don't have a personal save for you.
Here's a collection, but I can't vouch for the files:

And also aymerict dropped his saves in this thread:
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One of those aymerict saves isn't long after where I was, many thanks. :D
Hi all, I just encountered the exact save bug, and I need help. The saves that aymerict uploaded aren't online anymore, so I'm stuck. The saves I could find on the Internet aren't any help (the game doesn't seem to locate them/tells me they are incompatible) and therefore I was wondering if anyone had a personal save they could upload for me...

I use the Steam version if that's any help.

In any case, I thank you in advance for your help.
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