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Am I missing some introductory material to GK3? Like a graphic novel like they did for previous installments? THere's really not much background in manual and all we really get in-game is a very vague intro movie... took me a while to piece some picture as to what is Gabrel doing, who hired him, why the hell is he in France... and now Grace came, and she's talking something about "vampires"? That struck me out of the blue. I don't know what the hell is going on. I didn't have any such problem in previous games.
This question / problem has been solved by triockimage
Yes, there is a graphic novel for GK3 too, no idea why it's not on GOG. You can download it here -
Basically the graphic novel which was included in the original box-set,(I have it in my original box-version of the game) was the main intro for the game. The introvideo that plays in the beginning of a new game is only the aftermath of the graphic novel. So go get it from that link Triock posted, it's facking awesome and give you a shitload of background story that make the game story complete.
sorry for late reply, i did figure it out on my own, don't know why I didn't say so in the thread, probably too busy :P yes, things make A LOT more sense with the graphic novel, actually it seems so integral that leaving it out feels like an omission.

I understand that this may have been something along the usual lines of "couldn't secure the rights to", but I think in cases such as these GoG should inform customers, explain that there was an important piece of story there.