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I’ve been a part of GoG for awhile and decided that I would be a more active member this year around. So how did I decide to achieve this? By making video reviews of course! This is my first attempt at creating a video review, so criticism is highly welcomed and encouraged.

About Me: My name is Cody Hanson, I live in California and I am currently a full time college student. I’ve always been interested in radio talk shows and video game reviews and because video games are half of my life, I decided to give back to the community that helped make these wonderful games.

What is Adventure Time?: Adventure Time! Is a popular TV show on Cartoon Network, however in this case, it’s my expose (a fancy way) of saying “This is an Adventure Game review!” Will I be subjugating myself with this genre? Probably not, but for now it’s a start, and if I get enough hits maybe I’ll expand. I will be posting new reviews every Monday and Thursday (or at least try to) so if you want to see another (or troll) you’ll have a schedule to look forward to.

Comments, suggestions, criticism IS WELCOMED! This is my first attempt at this, so every comment helps. Hope you enjoy!

Off-note: I know I’m mono-toned; I’m working on it I promise.
A video review! That's something I, too, always wanted to do.

I'm currently at work but I will watch it once I get home.
Hey, I've been able to look at the video. Sorry it took so long.

First, let me tell you I think you did an excellent job. Both the content of your review and the way you presented it were really top notch.

And, by the way, I don't think your voice is too mono-toned. It fits your style perfectly.

I think it could have been a little longer - I would have loved to listen a bit more to it. But for now I'm looking forward to your next video.

And for everyone else that happens to stumble into this thread: Watch that video. It's great!
Hey, Kahujo! Aren't you going to do more reviews? That's too bad!
I went to watch it and it's gone :(