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Not sure if the devs check the forums, but thought I might try it anyway.

It seems the Linux version (1.0.2) is quite outdated at this point. Any plans about updating it? Thanks!
Waiting for Linux version update too...
Well, from my experience GOG is frequently behind with the Linux version - even several days
(having 400+ games I can even say that some weeks no update is presented for any platform
 which is clearly related to lack of time as thereafter comes a significant larger number of updates).

Additionally, as Steam has a Linux version (it is not seldomly found that GOG has one and Steam lacks it),
it is quite clear that Linux version update will be there soon - these are awesome programmers, right? ;)

Saying this I have just written to the developers and will give any answers below when I get it.
And I am longing to get hands on the updated version ASAP, too.


*** The Update for Linux has landed on 23.09.2020 - so the typical delay by GOG - sigh.
*** One really gets the impression that things only change when people speak up ...
*** so there should be a lessons learnt by GOG in near future.
*** This general rule of putting out Linux Updates 2+ days after the other platforms is not acceptable!
Post edited September 23, 2020 by JMB9
Linux version got updated :)
Indeed! Thank you devs!