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Ok, so i installed Full Throttle Remastered version 1.1.879806_(11348) i downloaded from GOG when it came out (this first version is no longer available to download, apparently, unless you use GOG Galaxy).

Game installed and plays ok but when i try to apply the patch on game's page


it always returns an error: "This patch does not support your version of the game, please download a new installer".

I checked my files and they are all seem to be ok, i even downloaded the patch again and nothing...

Weird thing is that it works if i install the game using GOG Galaxy... Does anyone know if this patch is only designed for the Galaxy installed version? This seems odd as most of the files are exactly the same...

Maybe my installation files are bad... Did anyone get this version and can check the files CRCs so i can compare them with mine? And yes, i know there is a new version already patched available for download, but i wanna keep both versions and now i'm worried the older one might be damaged...

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