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I went to a computer store when Full Throttle came out in ths 90s and a large crowd watched a demo of it on a PC with their mouths open. They marveled at the level of sophistication of the pixelated graphics and the kind of jaw-dropping entertainment they had never seen before. When I looked at it just the other day, of course I don't remember it looking as bad as it does today.

It was made by George Lucas' company. They made several Star Wars games, naturally, but curiously none of them I found very good. Some of their non-Star Wars games, however, were classics.
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Sometimes it's easy to forget how far the technical level of videogames have come in the last three decades. At the time, the pixel-art of Full Throttle must have look impressive. In this case, I think the remaster was a great job, improving drastically the graphics while staying faithful to the original atmosphere and concept arr.