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North America PST: 9:30pm - 6am.
North America EST: 12:30am - 9am.
UK (GMT): 5:30am - 2pm.
Germany / France / Sweden (CET): 6:30am - 3pm.
Australia AEDT: 4:30pm - 1am.

I'm in the middle of getting a win with every ship in a row on Normal difficulty - we're up to 15 now and only have 3 left. Tonight we'll be using the Kestrel B, the Engi B, and finishing off with the Stealth A, hopefully getting a win with all 18 ships in a row without a loss. I'd love for you fine folks to join me =)
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Impressive. How did it end?
He completed the last 3, so all 18 ships in a row. (I watched the end of the stream)
Wonder how Dr.Zoidberg (the FTL is pure luck guy) would explain this?
Maybe he hacked the game.
The streams are out there, you can watch the videos. It was real and he is talented.