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Hey, I was just wondering about how well the performance of FTL would be with my particular graphics card.

My old late 2007 Macbook uses an integrated Intel GMA X3100. The official system requirements state that a graphics card requires "OpenGL 2.0 Support, and recommended dedicated graphics card with 128 MB of RAM".

Seeing as a dedicated card is only recommended, does anyone know how much a playthrough is going to be affected if I only have an integrated card? Thanks.

I wish FTL had a demo I could try out somewhere...
This question / problem has been solved by mpartelimage
According to this, your card should support OpenGL 2.0.

The potential issue is compatibility instead of performance, since FTL is graphically very simple. The game's FAQ notes: "Dedicated graphics cards are more reliable, but it’s been known to work on the Intel HD Integrated cards.".

My guess is that it will work fine.