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two days ago I have beaten the game with the Mantis Cruiser.
When I started the game today GOG Galaxy asked me whether I want to use the game save from the local storage or the cloude storage. I have selected cloud.

Not my progress is lost and the latest ship I have unlocked is the Mantis Cruiser again.

What bothers me is that between the point of beating the game with the Mantis Cruiser and today I have started the game multiple times. It never told me that syncing failed.

Is the progress gone for good? Can I recover it somehow?
Same happened with me. Luckily I had a backup for my save file that I just copied into \Documents\my games\FasterThanLight and then I could start it up again, with the saved game and synced to GOG. I dunno what happened, but I hope that it gets fixed for those that did not back up their data.