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Has this ever happened to you?

My first jump was to an M-Class star with a ship waiting to attack me. A solar flare lit my O2 system on fire, and it quickly spread. I was able to defeat the enemy ship, but I had almost zero oxygen left. The crew didn't last long.

This was right after making it to sector 8 in my previous game.
That's some good, old fashioned bad luck there.

Most of my deaths have been in hazard sectors like that as well -- mostly electric storms and solar flares. Everything else I seem to be able to handle.
Once or twice, those hazard zones can be nasty.
yeah, i started with the stealth cruiser (no shields gah!)
first jump was a rebel with a missile launcher and a 3 shot laser
my weapon systems and engines kept getting destroyed faster than i could fix them

not on my first jump, but what kills me most are asteroid fields + enemy (especially those green shield guys): once one enemy shot gets through and hits your shields, it's over
You know how you can sometimes lose crew from text events? Just a couple days ago I thought I'd take the Engi B (which starts with only one crew member) out for a spin. I lost after one jump to a text event that I'd forgotten was dangerous.
Just happened a few minutes ago. First jump with my Zoltan ship into a plasma storm. The rebel fighter quickly disposed of my shield, then teleported on board to kill one and wound another. A direct heavy laser blast finished off the wounded.

I now have one Zoltan, half power, my weapons and shields are gone, at least 2 hull breaches, and an unknown amount of fire.
My only hope was to barricade my pilot in the cockpit, and wait for the FTL to charge. 2 more seconds would have done it, but was hit by a heavy laser, and blew up.