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hello there,
this has drove me crazy for the past hours, i tried every fix i could find but still cannot get it to work AGAIN.

it works like this: i'had and played FTL for years, i usually run it from Galaxy client or from link on my desktop to the executable and it always worked fine, no issue at all, last time it was yesterday.

tough today:
1) i launch the game
2) screen goes black for a sec (doesn't show the fullscreen "loading" as it should)
3) it goes back to desktop, FTL icon is on task bar, music is on, even preview shows the menu
4) clicking on it, alt tabbing to it, or everything else makes windows go black for a second, then back to desktop, game still running but unreachable, have to kill the process

i tried:

1) reinstalling
2) verifying installation
3) adding "-directx" to the executable both in god launch settings options (custom executable with arguments), and in the file path
4) adding "-w", "-window", "-windowmode", "-windowed"
5) launching exe as administrator and compatibility mode win 7-8

but to no avail. it seems like as of today i can no longer play FTL.
Into the Breach works fine and launches as usual, i made no changes to my PC setup or strange installation since yesterday, in my knowledge.

i absolutely don't know what to do. could please someone give me a hand? i run a windows 10 machine with an AMD radeon r290x. if it's of any use i can provide a CPU-Z scan.
thank you to everyone that could be so kind to read and try to help me out.
have a good one folks.
Post edited December 26, 2020 by Mau_Stormbringer
insisting with rebooting and relaunching i managed to get back into the game a couple of times, the only workaround has been managing also to put the game in window mode via the settings, so that will be the way of my ftl games for the future i guess...

thanks have a good one