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Hi guys,

As the title say, I was recently playing FTL when the power went out and my computer died. I waited until the weather quitened down, and tried booting up FTL again. However now when I start it up, it will boot up to a black screen, and do nothing else, it doesn't crash or anything. I'm able to close it via the 'close window button' as I'm running it in windowed mode, but that doesn't give any feed back or crash log as to what went wrong.

Does anyone have any idea what may be going on?
I was hoping to be able to continue my game as I had just gotten into sector 8 again.


EDIT: if it makes a difference and before you ask, I'm running Win7 64bit. Also drivers shuldn't be an issue given that it was woking fine yesterday.
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Maybe one of the game files got corrupted. Hopefully just your settings file. You can try moving it elsewhere and see if the game recreates it and starts up. It could also be your prof.sav file. This one is in a strange place on my computer User -> Documents -> MyGames -> FasterThanLight. Unfortunately if this is the one corrupted, your progress will not be restored although there are editors which can unlock ships you had previously unlocked.
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I would reinstall the game.
I'm pretty sure, that your progress from your last run is lost anyway. Had a crash once and lost it, too. Actually every unexpected abortion of the game leads to the end of your current run.

Move prof.sav somewhere else.
Remove the game and then reinstall it.
Try starting it.
Quit and move porf.sav back to MyGames\FasterThanLight
Well, I'm not sure exactly what fixed it, ended up un installing and reinstalling twice, which still didn't work, until I restarted the computer and then it came good. As expected the ship I was on was lost but the profile save was still intact thank goodness.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.