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I experienced a problem with FTL AE since a few days, but due to the fact that I updated to macOS Mojave and then updated to the latest FTL version, I am not sure 'who is the culprit'.

1 time over 3 (more/less) the game goes in fullscreen with a white screen, or stays stuck the loading screen with the music in background...

Does anyone already experience the same problem as well?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Macbook Pro early 2015
retina 13"
macOS Mojave
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I'm in the exact same situation, except the white screen happens 4 times out of 5.
Has this been fixed somehow?
I get the same type of problem, except it's a grey screen. I hear the menu screen music and when I move my mouse, I can hear it when it hovers over the options.
Problem was fixed for me until 10.14.4 thanks to an update. However on the very latest Mojave release 10.14.5 I get the gray screen as described above, but it is still rare though...
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