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There was a problem with the patch, so it worked only with base version (, and not patched ones.

We just uploaded a new installer, and fixed patch - it should now be compatible with previous versions (that is + either or both of the previous patches).

Contents are the same as in the version and patch uploaded 5 days ago (which is an update to developer version 1.03.1), so if you have already installed it, or installed that patch on version, there is nothing you need to do.

Sorry for the long delay, everything should be working now :-)
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What kind of error message did you get, and in which game version? The latest patch should create a log.txt file detailing any failed operations right next to the patch exe if anything went wrong.

Launch button not working could be caused by antivirus or Windows UAC not allowing you to start a new program from the patcher. You can still start the game normally from the Start Menu.

Installation path is not really important in this case.
This patch updates to the version 1.03.1 (which is already included in the installer "Update already applied" means the installed version is the same as after the patch.