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Possibly this is only a german localization/translation error, I don't have an english version to compare:

The remaiing time in hospitals and medical posts is always shown as "Tage" (days)! Sometimes it reads "weniger als 1 Tag" (less than a day), only switching moments later to "23 Tage" (23 days), so it is clear it sometimes means hours, sometimes days.

That is very confusing!
I think, the same problem holds for building durations.

And thank you for this great game!!! Especially funny on +30°C days ;-)

Add: since I know how to change the language, I am sure: this is a german localization/translation error. Hours and days are used very misleading and confusing in german only. In english, evarything seems to be OK.

Add 2: prison times are even more confusing! They always say "Tage" (days), while they obvioiusly somtimes mean days, sometimes hours.
Post edited August 12, 2018 by bloerg