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Hear thee, hear thee!

The generator has been running at full power for a while now, but we know that sometimes it requires a healthy dose of oil and TLC. Should you encounter any issues, the following guide is here for you!

First of all, please do the following:
- If you have Razer Chroma SDK installed on your PC, please uninstall it - it has been causing problems with multiple games recently and we know it's preventing Frostpunk from launching;
- Reinstall the game;
- Update your graphics card drivers;
- Update your DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package;
- If you're forcing anti-aliasing from graphics card control panel - be sure to disable it;
- Run the game in windowed mode;
- If you are using custom resolution and/or downsampling, disable it;
- Be sure to launch the game as the administrator;

I seem to have lost my progress, what now?
Please get in touch with us at techsup[ and let us know. Be sure to attach the DxDiag and ConsoleOutput files - you can find the instructions on how to get them below.

My game works too slow and I have a killer PC, what should I do?!
Please make sure that you have disabled all the afterburners on your GPU, as they have severe impact on the GPU rendering budget an may be causing serious slowdowns. Additionally, if your PC is based on Ryzen or Threadripper CPU, please make sure that the clocks are set at their stock values. Overclocking disables the turbo functionality on a single core which may - at times - be critical for the game to run as intended.

The game doesn’t even start, what should I do?
First of all, please take a look at the troubleshooting guide above and make sure that you did everything we have mentioned there - only the full process ensures us that the installation of the game and all the drivers are in order.

Before doing any installations mentioned below, please unplug any additional controllers you have hooked up to your PC.

Please also make sure that you have installed both the latest VC package (available here:, the 2013 one (available here: and the 2015 one (available here: ).

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1:
- Please make sure that you have the KB4019990 update downloaded:

Windows 7 ONLY:
- Please make sure that you have The Windows 7 Platform Update installed -

Missing MSVCP140.dll:
- Please install the following Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Update:

Missing MSVCR120.dll:
- Please install the following Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 package:

Missing VCRUNTIME140.dll:
- Please install the following VC++ update:

If that does not help, please prepare ConsoleOutput (it’s an HTML file that you can generate - instructions below), DxDiag and saves from your game and send them over to us at

How do I prepare the ConsoleOutput file and where can I find it?

- Please head over to the game installation folder;
- Please find “Frostpunk.exe” in the folder;
- Create a shortcut to the application in the very same folder;
- Right-click on the newly-created shortcut, select “Properties”;
- In the “Target” line, add “ -console” at the very end of the path (without the inverted commas but with the space before the dash character);
- Apply the changes;
- Launch the game using the newly-created and edited shortcut - the ConsoleOutput file should appear in the game installation folder.

In case crashes, please activate the diagnostic module and play it until it crashes - we need a log that will show us the events prior to and during the crash, normal startup and shutdown of the game will not be much of a help.

How do I generate the DxDiag file?
1. Click on Start.
2. Type "DxDiag" and launch DxDiag.
3. Click on "Save all information".
4. Save "Dxdiag.txt" file.

Where can I find my saved games?
You can find them at: %APPDATA% \11bitstudios\Frostpunk\ - just copy the path to the folder to your explorer address bar and hit enter, it will take you to the right place. Manual saves are most precious to us, as autosaves omitt some markers present in the saves created by you. Please send us a file that has been created as close as possible to the phenomenon/crash.

Wait, why isn’t my controller working?
As of this moment, the game does not support any input methods other than keyboard and mouse. Using a joypad or any other contraptions (I am looking at you, people playing Dark Souls using Guitar Hero controllers) may be available in the future, please await the official announcement regarding developments.