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This game redefined a genre which died off way too fast. Ever watch Battlestar, Stargate, Star Trek, or Star Wars and wish you could experience the awe of flying a Viper, F-302, Drone, or X-wing Fighter? Well this game has it all, and a good storyline too! Set in it's own universe, the Freespace series tells a unique story that puts you into a future military against an overwhelming force. It even seems like you're a soldier in the future on a 'need-to-know' basis, where the storyline starts to make sense bit by bit, due to the fact that you're not being told everything. Even at the end, you are looking for the continuation to the storyline (which sadly, is still not released). This is by far the best game on that can be downloaded. I could spend my money on far worse things for $5.99 USD. I'd still spend $30 on this game if that were the price, that's how good it is. Even with a mouse and keyboard this game is fun (but if you have a joystick, it's even better!). It would be highly recommended as well to get the SCP or Freespace 2 Open pack, which is a freeware fan made expansion which adds some amazing quality and replayability to the game including; updated graphics (which is an understatement), enhanced control, new campaigns, and a load of new features. This will be the best $6 you have ever spend if you've never experience the series, and with the fan-made SCP(Freespace Open), you'll be able to play the first game in new stunning graphics as well!