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I'd never played the game until buying it from GoG, but remembered hearing many people fondly reminiscing about it over the years. After all these years, could it possibly live up to the hype...?
Oh my god YES!
The Aliens, the explosions, the collosal starships, swarms of small fighters nipping through space lit up by glowing capital ship beam lasers and flak-cannon fire (now I know where the new Battlestar Galactica got the effect from!), clusters of missile trails weaving after their prey like schools of piranha...Freespace 2 offers the most wonderfully realised and breathtaking space combat ever coded. Your fighter/bomber handles like a dream (even with a mouse!), and in no time at all you'll be defending freighters and attacking cap ships with gleeful whoops of joy. This game cannot be recommend often enough or highly enough; simply UNNMISSABLE,
PS: As a default install she looks fine, but you have the option of bringing her graphics into the 21st century using the FS_Open Modding project, which can be found at New models, new textures, and all running beautifully at modern resolutions!