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I installed FS2Open, since without it, FS2 looked like a PCP trip. Anyway, I'm enjoying the game, but I can't strafe up, down, left or right!
This question / problem has been solved by torimage
As far as I know, you can't strafe in Freespace - with or without FS2Open. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
Unlike in Descent, (where you can strafe and hover) Freespace spacecraft can only roll, pitch and yaw - the same maneuvers that an airplane can perform.
This is mostly correct. There is one ship in FS2 that can strafe, the terran Mara (which you get to fly in only one optional mission in the single player campaign). And even there, it's mostly useless. If you want ships that can strafe, you should try The Babylon Project (a total conversion based on the FS2_Open engine) or the upcoming Diaspora.