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I love space games. From Elite (and Elite 2: Frontier) to Freelancer, and from Colony Wars to X3, I snap them up like candy.. and there have been far too few attempts at them that this is immediately an attractive game to me.
It's exactly what it says on the tin: A space combat sim. The controls are friendly, the combat is what you'd expect, and the story is adequate... but I don't love it.
The story isn't what you'd get in Wing Commander, and in those you get a similar combat experience too. It reminds me of a less-polished Colony Wars, in fact.. or a hybrid of the two... but perhaps I was weaned and different games, and Freespacers would think the reverse. :)
I wasn't, though, and this is my review.
It fights to a four because damn it, it's got pep.. and even if it isn't quite up to either of those in my eyes, it doesn't deserve a three!