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Is Freespace 2 worth the 1.2 gig download?
I've played Freelancer before and by my recollection that was a big game (both online and offline) and it was not such a gigantic size (IIRC).
They are completely different games.
Freelancer is in the Space Sim genre - Elite, Privateer, the X series etc...
Freespace is a Space Combat game - X-wing, Tie Fighter, Wing Commander, Starlancer etc...
Completely different types of games. If you want a mission by mission game with a great story that oozes polish then it is worth the download - unless you have a restrictive data cap.
Also, keep in mind that Freelancer was a 2003 game, with no FMV cutscenes.
Freespace 1 = 2 CDs
Freespace 2 = 3 CDs
Phantasmagoria = 7 CDs :-O
And as Karl said before me, they are completely different games. Ships have different speeds in Freespace 2 (unlike Freelancer, where the galaxy's speed limit is 80 on full thrusters :-P), manouverability and armor rating. You can't go hunting fighters if you're flying a bomber, and you can't tackle capital ships in a Perseus Interceptor without being turned into dust.
Also, try to get both games, because Freespace 2 is a good game by its own, but its incredible when you've played the first one and you see that the universe evolved, bringing new tech into the battlefield!.
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What I do is cut the engines and use the afterburners, 200 > 80. It's great for dogfighting because free lancer lets you drift in one direction as you shoot, then when they fire a missile you slam on the after burners and zoom!
I love that game, I hope GoG release it soon so others can enjoy it.