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I am trying to install freespace2. The file validation shows up and runs through, then it disappears and nothing happens. There are 2 freespace processes running but nothing seems to be happening.
Any Ideas?
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Run the file as administrator.
Forgot to mention that I was running as admin.
I went to the supermarket and by the time I got back the gog installer popped up, must have taken more than 20mins to appear
You might have gotten a bad download, which might explain it disappearing after the file validation. Try re-downloading it or getting it through GOG's downloader program.
I see. The process was somehow stopped in it's tracks I guess. Hmm, strange. Did you manage to install it though?
Due to Vista feature called UAC (User Account Control), Vista checks every exe file before it runs. Therefore this delay occurs.
There are only two solutions for that:
- disable UAC in Control Panel, but you must be aware that you will disable it for whole system
- be patient, depending on your computer speed, this process can take some time. on bigger files (like 2gb setups) it can take up to 5min.