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Sci-fi fans, action lovers, guys who crave epic plans from outer space - this is an awesome, packed game that seemed to have no weaknesses whatsover. You will fly a wide array of ships with different, yet easy-to-manage armaments. You will command your wingmen. You will learn to micro-manage your craft in combat, or you will just smash that fire button and fill the evil destroyers of the universe with holes even they cannot repair.
You will blow things up.
We're not talking yer olde li'lle booms here. You will blow up ships that are over a mile long, and when they go off, it makes exploding planets look like cheap fireworks. You will blast your dogfighting enemies into pieces that bounce off your cockpit, and hear your wingmen's "Impressive" on the radio soon after. If you are not interested in the fine complexities of the game, you can tune the difficulty and enjoy it as a great shooter. If you are a die-hard geek, you can download endless more missions and mods by the game's community. Get it now, and be prepared to totally immerse in a space pilot's world of guns blazing, missiles wheezing, people screaming orders, people screaming for help, and pilots dodging. Don't forget to dodge...