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I've seen the numerous posts and links for FS Open and FS 1 port, but i'm confused as to which ones to use and how to use them. Which versions of FS Open and FS 1 port do I need?
Also, if I install FS Open will I still have the option to play both Freespace and Freespace 2 with the old graphics and does FS 1 port alter FS 1 in any drastic way? Basically I just want to fix the bugs in Freespace 1 and Freespace 2 and play both games with the original graphics. I'm not even sure my PC can run the upgraded graphics. I'm running Windows XP SP3 if that matters.
Please provide links and instructions if possible. Thank you.
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If you go to Hard Light Productions, you'll find all the latest stuff stickied on their respectivve boards. In short,
- 3.6.10 Final is the latest recommended FSO engine
- 3.6.10 Re-releease MediaVPs are the latest MediaVPs
- FSPort 3.1.1. is the latest FSPort.
The MediaVPs are a mod that affects the graphics. If you want old graphics, don't use the MediaVPs.
FSO and FSPort relate to FS2. They don't affect retail FS1 at all and you shouldn't even try to mix FSO with the original FS1.
This off-line installer is the easiest and most convenient install method in my opinion. Go with Option 1 ("The FreeSpace Open SCP Off-line Installer"). It includes the latest FreeSpace Open (3.6.10) with MediaVPs, the latest Freespace port (3.1.1) with MediaVPs, Silent Threat: Reborn (the improved and extended Freespace expansion pack), plus 15 user-made campaigns.
For my purposes at least, that's all I need in one very convenient installer package. You just install it in your Freespace 2 directory and you're good to go.
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I think this FSO and FS Port stuff is over my head. I'm kinda new to PC gaming as i've been a console gamer most of my life so that's probably why, lol. Thanks for your help anyways guys, but I think i'll just try and play through FS1 & FS2 normal and brave the bugs.