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I'm having trouble finishing a mission in Freespace: Silent Threat. The mission is Secret recovery, the one where you're supposed to protect a transport ship while it boards a hijacked science station Giordano. You're fighting Hammer of light fighters, and there's a Typhon destroyer that pumps out infinite amounts of fighters.
I simply cannot last until the transport does it's job. Either the transport dies, or I do.
At least one of my wingmates usually dies during the first skirmish, and more often than not, all of them do. And I fight pretty well, I take out the toth fighters within seconds. I tried using hercules fighter, and the ulysses. Few other combinations too. Nothing helps.
I can break through and last for a few minutes while the transport docks, but soon, either I run out of hull or, if I tried to play conservatively, they kill the transport.
Any tactics that can help me defeat this mission? I completed FS and FS2, no such problems.
This question / problem has been solved by mpolyakovimage
You can either order your squadmates to defend Giordano or to attack any hostile ship but surely you must order them to ignore Typhon destroyer. Then you should try to destroy Typhon's main laser cannons (only those which fire at Giordano or transport) as soon as possible. That will render Typhon itself harmless. But it will continue to launch swarms of fighters so i'd recommend to fly either Ulysses (its great maneuverability helps in dogfights) or Hercules (can carry Banshee which is great at taking out shields). Theoretically you can even try to destroy Typhon but this is really achievable only on easy difficulty levels which is in itself not serious.
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I haven't tried disabling the typhons guns. I guess that would have helped. Kinda always assumed fighters did the most damage.
Anyway, I finished the mission by destroying the Giordano. I simply got sick of trying to protect it.