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Wondering if the first game would run well on my netbook. I've got FS2, which runs, but not very smoothly. Also it doesn't support 1024x600. Doubtful the first game will be much different by looking at system req's, but just in case I figured I'd ask if anyone has tried it.
The original FS2 and FS1 will not run at those resolutions. Remember, they were written during a time when 1024*768 was the gold standard of resolutions.
FS2Open, on the other hand, has no such restrictions.
Yeah, I saw that mentioned in the netbook gaming thread. I've downloaded FSO and it's installing now. Not sure where I go after that, other than I know to launch from the .exe in the directory as a first time launch. I did that before and no 1024x600 offered. I had FSO in before, but I don't think it fully installed since it was too fast. Doing the whole thing again. Hope this works. Whoever made that deserves a pat on the back for all the work.,47640.0.html
Got it going and it runs like a DREAM at top settings in 1024x600. Brilliant mod! Really wanted this one for my netbook. Now how about X2 & X3? LOL Will have to look into that. X2 runs, but could be a lot better.