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I downloaded and installed FSO and consequently,the FS1 Port as well using Turey's FSO installer.
Everything is working fine, but FS1OGGcutscenepack.vp is missing in the directory that you mentioned. I found links for the .OGG video files for FS 1 however, but they are not labelled as .vp, but are split up into multiple OGG files.
Is there anyway I can get FMVs to work? Where can I download that file as a .vps if they are not included in the default FSO installer packs?
I would have thought that Turey's Installer included the cutscenes. Hmm.
Anycase, a link to the cutscene .vp can be ofund from the original FSPort release thread at Hard Light Productions ( ). Though if you have the cutscenes as separate .ogg files, you can use them if you place them to \freespace2\fsport\data\movies\ . Create the directory if necessary.
I think I got it working, thanks!
Freespace 2 has never been off my hard drive since 2000, just backup and re-copy! The Open Source Project when it came along was a godsend, as it allowed every new mod as it came along to be installed easily!

Even though I have Freespace 1 Battlepack as well as Freespace 2 in their original big boxes, great manuals and snazzy CD's, I just play the Freespace 1 missions in Freespace 2, with the cutscenes and voices working perfectly as per the original, but of course with better FS2 graphics!

Out of respect for a great game, I always play it at 640x480 and view it in it's original glory with properly formatted text and everything. my monitor has an auto full-screen, so still get the game full screen in all it's glory!

Even after all this time I still see the occasional thing for the first time, or something different happens in a mission. Although mission based and quite linear on one level, it is very open world too. Let an enemy Frigate get away and it can turn up in a future mission, for example!