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Hi folks,
I completed the 1st 'Tenderizer' mission to inspect the the Sentry guns and then protect the Galatea.
From there I got a second mission to destroy some freighters and some transports without destroying the cargo. This mission seems unreasonably hard, and possibly bugged.
As soon as the Shivans left the cargo behind I attacked and destroyed both the Asmodeus freighters and the 2 transports. But I still got a prompt saying "Secondary objective failed".
I could not make out if one of my wingmen destroyed a Shivan cargo or if the game still considered the freighter as escaped after being destroyed. Also, unlike the 2 Asmodeus freighters, the transports never dropped their cargo. So, I decided to try to finish the mission and look at the recommendations to find out what went wrong.
However, I never got a chance to find out what went wrong, as the game crashed after completion of the mission giving this error:
Error: Mission name btm-04.FSM not found in campaign file for next-mission command
Line: 3881
Call stack:
Is there any way to finish the game?
I read about the Freespace 1 mod for Freespace 2 in another thread. I have Freespace 2 as well so I can install that. However, will I have to restart the campaign if I do this?
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This question / problem has been solved by ZamFearimage
There are a total of six freighters/transports. If you only destroyed four ships, you failed the secondary objective because the other two jumped out.
If the crash happens every time, you could try backing up your pilot file and reinstalling. I'm not sure if FS1 pilots can be transferred to FSOpen.
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Thanks, Zam. I'll try the mission again and look for the other 2.
I remember seeing 2 freighters: Astaroth and Baal. Both were Asmodeus class.
and 2 transports: Belial and Liliath (or something similar).
I thought the rest were fighers.
Maybe the game loads a different result for success and a different result when you fail. Hopefully the bug won't hit if I succeed.
If that doesn't work I'll try backing up my pilot file and re-installing as you suggested. Thanks again.
Edit: I replayed the mission and found the other 2 freighters. The bug didn't hit this time. The mission wasn't a complete success, however. The recommendations stated that there was a way to figure out what made the Shivan fighters appear. I'm gonna replay the mission again to find out.
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