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So I decided to buy Freespace 1 today, and I'm having some issues.
1) I tried downloading it using my browser (Firefox) and the downloading process got stuck at 100%. I tried this twice.
2) I tried downloading it using the downloader, and the download got stuck, again at 100%, and the downloader crashed. And now I can't seem to add Freespace 1 to the download queue.
Please, either help me or give me my money back.
This question / problem has been solved by Ralackkimage
How long did you leave it after it got stuck at 100%? If it wasn't very long give it like 5minutes. Also check to make sure your anti virus program is not interfereing with the download.
If neither of those methods work you may want to contact gog support directly via the support link at the top of the page.
Thanks for the fast response. It was the antivirus program after all. It never interfered with my downloads before, but now I know where to look first when my GOG downloads fail.
Did you check this support article?
You can also try to download it using some download manager. I personally used Internet Download Accelerator to download both FS and FS2. It's much faster then any browser or Downloader.
BTW, to address GOG staff directly you'd better go here:
EDIT: sorry, I'm late to post here.
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