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Hi all,
installed (and modded) it some years (2015?) ago.
Wanted to continue the game.

Started (years ago) to play with the Freespace 1 Port (modname = FSPort MediaVPs_2014 v3.5;)

FS2 Launcher 5.5g
selected: fs2_open_3_7_2_RC5_SSE

As I have now time (early retired) I wanted to start again.
I want to play in sequence (FS1 ->ST:Reborn ->FS2)

I am able to select the FSport Mod and ST:Reborn and play in the shiny new FSO engine. Very nice !

BUT !!!!
I seem to be unable to play FS2 itself with the FSO engine. (selected "data" in mods, runs but seems
less nice looking than FS(1)port and ST:Reborn, very obvious in the Tech-Room models).

What am I doing wrong ?

The installation/FSOMod seems correctly installed as FSport and STR are running fine with incredible
graphics, but I seem not to be able (or plain dumb) to run FS2 in the FSO engine/Mod.

Any help appreciated.

Solved. Found it.
Had to select "mediavps" as my mod
Post edited March 23, 2023 by flugo