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This question is directed to the GOG staff.

I remember way back when, playing an online music game called O2Jam NX. In addition to in-game downloads of new songs via their servers, they also had the option to download everything all at once via BitTorrent.

Has adopting this approach for larger installers occurred to you guys? It would probably save you a ton on bandwidth costs.

(EDIT: Whoops, wrong forum. Meant to put this in General.)
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Even though this was posted to the wrong forum and was directed to staff.........

it's obviously a good idea to have it as an option. On the flipside, it's SOOOOOOOOOO nice that gog lets us do direct downloads!! I remember that it took hours to download Blizzard's games, because they insisted on using a P2P download client, and even when I configured it to only download from Blizzard's servers, I never got more than 500kb/second.

Given that I paid $60 for my Blizzard game and $6 for a typical GOG game, I have to say I'm delighted that GOG doesn't force us to use a P2P network for downloads. Of course, there's no harm in having it as an option.