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This game is a remarkable example of the now-dead (well, almost dead) space combat genre. Though I wouldn't say that it changed the established views on genre or something like that. Actually, it's just very well designed. The essence of the game is simple: Freespace has no features like free-roaming or trading, but it can boast a variety of action-packed missions linked by a rich and atmospheric storyline (plus astonishing soundtrack and pretty nice graphics for 12-year-old standards). Rush dogfights, dangerous enemies, and a variety of objectives (escort, assault, recon, bombing...) - every time you should choose the proper tactics to survive and fulfil your current objectives (but luckily there are no such tiresome scenarios like "move there and spend 5 minutes, then move somewhere else and spend another 5 minutes only for being suddenly killed at 11th minute".) Сombine this with a solid storyline and deep atmospere of fear and despair (as the Shivan armada advances through Terran-Vasudan space) and we get a perfect sci-fi action thriller in space. Unfortunately, the Silent Threat expansion is half-a-crap (although there are some good missions in it as well), but this has no concern with the main Freespace campaign.