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I've recently installed FS2 from followed with FS Open 3.6.12 using the instructions over here . The both installations went fine, except FSO installer failed to download three packages (brshivans, high res briefing animations and twilight) but I believe they are not essential.

Vanilla FS2 plays ok, except all the pop-up windows (like when exiting a mission for Yes/No/Restart) cannot be seen without alt-tab-ing in and out of the game - I can still "blindly" press "Y" to continue past the missing screen. The game saves normally.

FSO plays ok, except for two problems:

1) the game will crash if I try to go to the tech-room

2) I can play as many missions as I like, but once I leave the game (via the in-game menu) and try to restart, the game will crash when I click the "Hangar", only showing the loading screen for a few seconds and the either a black or white screen, followed by a Windows 7 warning dialog for non-responsive application. This in practice means that if I want to play FSO, I have to play it through in one session, never closing the game which really is not possible..

My first thought was that the default installation directory for GoG downloader (under c:\program files (x86)\\freespace2) might have some file permission problems under windows 7, so I re-installed from scratch both FS2 vanilla and FSO to c:\games\freespace2, but this didn't help.

I assume that there is a problem in either during the saving of a game or reading the saved game when clicking on the hangar but I cannot figure out why.

The FSO pilots are saved at c:\GAMES\Freespace2\data\players\single\inferno as <pilotname>.pl2 and <pilotname>.FreeSpace2.cs2.

Here are the system specs:
- Intel Core Duo E8600
- 4Gb RAM
- ATI Radeon HD 4870x2
- Windows 7 64bit

Any and all suggestions to fix my problem(s) are very welcome.
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I play on a Mac ... so I'm afraid I can't really help you, but if someone doesn't solve your problems here, you may try posting in the forums for technical support ( That's where the people who make the current FSO versions hang out. :)