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Just downloaded this game a couple days ago. The soundtrack is amazing! Is there any way we could get the soundtrack as an MP3 download? I'd love to be able to listen to it at work.
Or is this not even possible to provide with some games?
Edit: Referring to Freespace 1.
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I agree with you that the soundtrack for this game was fantastic.
It would be nice if soundtracks accompanied each download.
You can extract the music yourself, using the several VP tools available from Hard Light Productions.
The list of modding tools you could use are here on the Freespace Wiki:
The FreeSpace Music Restoration Project (FSMRP) was a now-defunct effort to retrieve the uncompressed versions of the FS1 and FS2 musical scores. What music the FSMRP did collect can be downloaded here:
The archive is currently down, but you can probably get a link to a mirror on the Hard Light Productions Forum:
Beyond recovered music, some community members remade some of the music if Hi-Fi, these are available here:,43106.0.html
If you bought FreeSpace two, just go to your account, go to the game and download the extras under the game.
The sound track is right there.
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