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One of the last great titles of a forgotten game genre, the space sim.
Along with the Wing Commander series, Independance War, and even Starlancer.
Unfortunately before a 3rd installment could be done, Interplay was sold to THQ who had no interest in continuing in the space sim genre and thus a saga ended abruptly, despite Volitions desire to continue.
The simplified interface coupled with intense on the fly story telling really set this game apart. It proved that a game didn't need CG animated mission briefings to get you into the action of a game.
Unlike its predecessors and successors (which became very few) Volition (taking some cues from Valve) provided the fan community with mod tools which are still largely used today. The fan mods from missions to total conversions are still being played today.
The only real sad part about this game was its limited online code (being that online gameplay was in its infancy then) thus fighting battles with players across the world was never realized.
The single player game is imersive and intense and worthy of the "Game of the Year" status it once earned.
The price on GOG is truly a steal for this outstanding space sim.
Go get it and enjoy!!