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Where to begin? With the gorgeous graphics, which even ran on modest hardware at the time of the games release? With the gripping storyline? With the complex yet fast and furious missions?
Anyway, this game REALLY is, as one reviewer stated, the "pinnacle of space combat". Take the heart-pumping action of the wing commander series, the challenging and intelligent mission design of tie fighter, great graphics and then add a cool plot and still you couldn't really describe this game.
Sadly though, this game didn't get quite the attention it deserved and the whole space sim genre went into non-existance soon after the release of Freespace 2, so there are many people not even knowing that such a gem exists. Now, you can have it, even optimised for Vista/XP. AND FOR JUST 5 BUCKS!!!!
Please, if you're interested in how good games could be before the degeneration into todays graphics focused mass industry, give this game a try. You'd hurt yourself, if you didn't.
Oh, and don't forget to set your speakers on max volume when in a capship battle...beam cannons are the keyword here...