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Howdy folks! Those of us in the FF community have decided to try and contact the former members of Irrational Games in the hopes that they might be willing and able to release the source code for the Freedom Force games to their fans, who are still loving and creating for their games 15 years after their release. We have found that much of the old team have created a new company, and I think we've got a method of contacting them. We'll see.

I don't know how realistic this dream is, but it occurred to me that such things have happened in the past. In order to demonstrate that there are still folks out there who care about these games, We've also created a petition to gather support. Please take a moment, check it out and sign it. Please give me some feedback about how I can improve the petition if anything occurs to you!

We could finally fix some of the problems with FFvTTR if we had the sourcecode, and we could make modifications to the games themselves, which would be amazing. I hope you'll hope with me, and maybe something great will come out of this wild idea.
I hope this happens.