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Hi all, I have a question how do I install mods for Free Force VS. The Third Riech. I want to play the Marvel Alliance mod and the Pulp Fiction fiction mod. I have put all the assets for these mods into the own folder and place the folder into the FFVTR folder but when I click the exe for the specific mod the vinalla FFVTR is what gets launched. Anyone know how to fix this. Thanks in advance
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Howdy Tarjan95! I'm glad you wanted to try out my mods! In general, you're going to get a lot better support and a lot quicker responses if you visit the FF community at

Now, as to your question: Your issues is probably caused by an incorrect data path.

First off, make sure that you install the mod folders into your FF directory, keeping the folder name PRECISELY the same. Make sure that if you extract, you don't end up with the folders two deep (Ex: FFvTTR/MA/MA). Once you've got that, you'll need to make sure that your shortcut is setup properly.

You'll find a step-by-step explanation of what the shortcut should be in the beginning of one of my video tutorials:

Drop by the community and let me know if you have any troubles, and I hope you'll also let me know how you enjoyed the mods!