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Hi, so for a few months I have been struggling with the problem. I have a premiere version of Freedom Force vs 3 rd reich. Not for steamy or other yeast. FFVTTR \ Custom \ Art \ library \ characters is the path where I put my skins. They are mostly packed in winrar so I extract them and get the folder I just put to the above path. The problem is that a huge amount of skins do not work. Some appear in the game as a large crossed-out square, some are in the list, but when clicked they crash the game, and 80% of others are not in the list of available skins at all. An example may be Galactus, I overlook the fact that after extracting the winrar jumped a few files instead of a folder so I dropped them loose where ever. Galactus, however, did not appear in the game. So I packed the files together into a new folder called "galactus" and put it into the "characters" folder, but still does not show up.
Howdy SzakulFirsty! Well, first off, it seems like there is some confusion between skins and meshes. A skin is only the 2D texture that goes over the 3D model of a mesh. You need the right mesh to display a given skin, and the readmes a given skin should tell you what that is.

Next, a lot of material was created for the first game, not the second. Now, almost all of that can be used in FF2, but it needs to be converted or you can get crashes and the like. Check out Alex's awesome FAQ:

You can find the mesh conversion tool there as well.

Now, if you want support for the game, you'll be best off joining the FF community at The community there is awesome, and you'll find a lot more help there then on these forums, most likely.