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I just bought a DJ hard copy of Ebay an the game won't start (Windows 95 error even though I'm using Win7). I tried win7 compability mode but it didn't work.

If I purchase a copy from GOG, will it work on Win7 system?
Post edited March 17, 2011 by HectorOfTroy
The GOG version isn't the Digital Jester version (which from other posts on the forum seems to have been really bad), so probably that will help. I can't confirm this because I'm still on XP myself, but generally if someone's having problems with running the GOG version of a game in Win7 you'll see posts about it in the game's forum. Lack of any such posts in here is probably a sign of smooth compatibility. You may want to double-check that over at the Freedomreborn site that's linked to in another thread.
The DJ version is trash. It's no wonder the company went out of business shortly after that release and many blame it for the failure of the game in Overseas markets.

That being said, I don't know if the regular verson, the one available here, works with Windows 7 or not. It may make no difference; it may make all the difference.
It works just fine for me.
Working just fine with Windows 7 64 bit