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Well I finally got around to firing up Fran Bow. I've researched the game heavily, and thought I was prepared for it... I was not. It terrifies me in a sense because the characters are so real, and the issues are so real. Granted, I'm not far into it yet, but what I've seen so far genuinely shows me that the devs are good at what they do, and that's create a good game that tells a good story.

Props to KillMonday Games!
I would like to use this thread to congratulate the devs for this wonderful game. I did not know anything about it when I started but I was immediately hooked and amazed by its graphic style and the unbelievable and disturbing atmosphere. Never before was I so torn between "oh, how cute" and "my god, that its crazy and brutal" feelings. You absolutely nailed it. I have to admit that I probably did not get the whole story (that is why I opened another thread here) but that does not diminish the game at all - quite the opposite. It gives me the possibility to replay the game at another time watching even more closely and trying to figure out what's real and what is not. I also have to congratulate for the absolute fair puzzles in the game. I solved the whole game without a walkthrough and that does not happen very often. I like the fact that the inventory is never filled too much so that you never have to try everything with everything. Even the gameplay length and the mini games were exactly the right length and difficulty. To say it directly: so far this has been the best indie adventure point and click I ever played. Thank you for this Killmonday Games!
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Thank you for this Killmonday Games!
Agreed :) It's a beautifully terrifying game.
I probably should not have started playing this one right before bed...
I finished this game some time ago and never followed up on my thread. My bad. Anyway, this game hits all the right buttons. Yes, the ending is different, but I enjoyed it and I loved the game. I heard they're going to be releasing Fran Bow 2 at some point, but there's no timetable on it. I can't wait!

Thanks again to the devs. I followed you guys on Twitter for a long time, but I closed off all my social media accounts. Keep it up!