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I just finished this great game without using a walkthrough at all so the gameplay is great and the puzzles were logical. But I really don't think that I understood the whole story the way it was meant to be.

As far as I understood part of the story is only what Fran in her had made of that what has happened and part of it (not much) is real. I think the story about the wrong pills, the cruel doctor ect. is not real. I think Fran killed her parents (and maybe her cat) and what you played was her way to cope with what has happened? Is this the way it was meant or did I understand everything completely wrong? It would interest me how you would interpret the story.
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I just beat the game myself. I want to see more, but I've been searching for more information about the ending and the game itself.

Best discussion I've found so far is on Steam. 18 pages that I'm still reading through. After awhile, I'll probably take notes and play the game again, keeping an eye out for the events that convinced people her visions were real or fake.
That ending was incredibly confusing.
However, I think that what happens is literal.

I still don't get why the phyco doctor in the wheelchair is doing insane experiments on children though.