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I've been trying to play Fran Bow. Sadly, after the notepad screen, all I get is blackness. I tried waiting, since I read in other places the loading times were long, and after a while I got sound, but still only black. Now the sound comes on immediately after the notepad screen, but still only black. Help?
Hello SuperDrops,

I'm sorry that you're having trouble getting the Fran Bow game to launch successfully on your computer. The "black screen" issue affects a few Windows gamers trying to play the game, usually on Windows 10. There are at least four different solutions available which fix the issue for these gamers. The complete list is posted on the "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) link on the Fran Bow Gamer's Support website which may be found here:

Here's one of the solutions posted at that link above:

Download this file called “options.ini” from this location:

and copy it to your Fran Bow game folder and overwrite the file already there with the same name. If you’re not sure where your Fran Bow game files are located, you can find this location by doing the following:

•Right click on the Fran Bow shortcut on your desktop, and then left click on the “Properties” menu pick that appears on the resulting menu that appears.
•Then left click on the “Shortcut” tab on the “Fran Bow Properties” screen.
•Then left click on the “Open File Location” button that appears on the “Shortcut” tab. This will take you to the location of the game files.

Once you’ve downloaded and copied this “options.ini” file to your Fran Bow game folder, start up the game. You should then see the game screen.

If this solution doesn't work for you, please review the other solutions given in the first paragraph of this reply. If none of those work for you, then please post again and I'll try to help you further.

For your information, I am NOT the developer of the Fran Bow game; however, I am in close contact with the developers at Killmonday Games, and I am their representative on this forum.

I hope this post helps you to get the Fran Bow game running on your computer, SuperDrops, and thank you for your purchase of the Fran Bow game. I am sorry for your inconvenience.
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