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Glad to see this has been added. I bought it a few years ago, but never got it running properly. Hope the GOG version will run better...

However, the reason I stumbled over FA at all was its precessor "Utopia - The Creation of a Nation" (and the later realeased data-disc "The New World") Got addicted to it when a friend had it on its Amiga 1991, but failed to get it on PC in that days. A few years later another friend had the SN version...of course the PC version is nowadays available somewhere on the internet...but I would prefer a clean GoG release, hopefully including the datadisc, with the manuals and perhaps the good soundtrack extra and would be willing to pay for this.

Recently I put this on the wishlist and it looks like a least a couple more people think like me.
For those who desperately want to play it again, but don't having it already...or for anyone who don't know it at all, there's now a way to play it browser-based online. The orginal game. With new worlds Addon. No kidding, no stealing the name for is the 1991 game my OP was about. Only caveat: You can't save...
I'll have to give that a try. Btw, K240 was the sequel to Utopia, I adored both games, but it was my memories of K240 that got me weak at the knees when Fragile Allegiance was announced for PC. I still think K240 is the best of the three. Thanks to K240 and The Settlers I managed to avoid sunlight for a whole summer, Vampires would have loved the Amiga :D
You can find these on
FA is the only one that aged well though (arguably), because of its rich sprite-based graphics and videos.