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I simply adored K240 on the old miggy, it was such a superb game!

I hope this is half as much fun :D
It seems to be a newer version of K240. Not more nor less.
Yeah, I'm playing it now and it seems to have the same feel of K240 that I loved!

Got it running at 1440x900 in windowed mode too which is nicer than the default.

I'm going to enjoy this.
Too bad K240 was never released for PC. I hope at least they will release the PC precessor Utopia soon, too.
It is good. However... i miss "Welcome to the Scitek" vocal message.. :)
And GUI seems to be crude. But hey.. its the old K-240 for PC, rebuilt and polished. Very enjoyable :)
Someone asked this on the Facebook page, and I'm curious about it, too. Does this game have more in common with Supremacy: Your Will Be Done (Overlord in the US) than with MoO? I don't imagine it would, since Supremacy was all about conquering the galaxy as fast as you could, with no room for making alliances or ending the game 'peaceably' (i.e. diplomacy is for weenies).
You can make Allies but i think you have to Eliminate sometimes ore mostly a Race or a few.