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Lightkey: SCUMMVM CE 1.3.1 is as high as that netbook can go. But I got Dreamweb running with a DOS emulator, PCKDOS 0.63. Considering what it runs on it's fine.

Tigersong: Because there is an insanely easy way to install Puppy Linux as part of a Dual Operating System. That antique Sony can't do much better (it's from 2001), so for browsing especially Puppy Linux is the way to go. Luckily I took it home myself and managed to get XP running, that stupid activation loop.

Someone at SCUMMVM managed to get "Foxtail" running on that app. It runs on Puppy Linux thanks to WINE, so now the game can be played in that mode! :)
Post edited September 08, 2020 by GusCE6