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If anyone is interested in this game but has an old device that cannot handle Windows 7 or higher...

I own the GOG standalone version of this game since the Steam version requires both Steam app and an Internet connection- something I usually do not have access to.

The game, with the help of an extra "settings.xml" file that points it away from OpenGL and towards DirectX as well as something called "SwiftShader 2.1," plays very nicely indeed on a 2001 Windows XP Home Edition Sony VAIO. 256MB RAM, 800MHz processor, Pentium 3 Intel integrated chip (so no SSE2), 16-Bit color display, 1024x768 runs nicely.

So yes it does work on Windows XP. And it was worth the effort to get it.
Post edited April 17, 2019 by GusCE6