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Any news about coming chapters and when to expect them?
MarkoH01: Any news about coming chapters and when to expect them?
Same question. I enjoyed what I played (first 3 parts).
I decided to just look it up on Facebook and luckily the devs only forgot to post here in the forum but not about the game. Here are some news directly taken from their FB page :)

"Hi, Foxies!
The Fourth Chapter is out of control!
I feel a little bit guilty for not sharing any news for a long time. I write to inform you that we’re working on the game daily. The Fourth Chapter is getting really close to its final form. Gosh, it’s really huge!
Also, we’ve decided to improve the game’s graphics. I promise you’ll like it. The locations will be even more atmospheric. We are also improving the locations from the released chapters. And we will probably change the Third Chapter (we’ll add more actions and make fewer conversations). So you will have a reason to play the first three chapters again – to see all the changes and improvements.
All in all, the work is in full swing!"

The entry was from 03/29/2021 so quite recent.

Really glad now to know that the game hasn't been cancelled since I really enjoyed the past chapters.