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I had really been enjoying this game, small errors like placeholders instead of icons and the odd line of garbled text or the lack of a tutorial were all things I was willing to forgive. It seems like it will eventually be an amazing game, possibly a personal favourite provided they can iron out the game breaking kinks which I've outlined (just a few of ) below.

Villagers get stuck in the scenary or....
Links to established buildings such as churches go off map and create a glich in which they can't access the building to gain its benefits. This Inability to access buildings adversely affects the villagers moral.
The AI can builds housing so close together that it creates a bottleneck which prevents villagers getting to where they need to be (a real problem when it's to get food or to build that bakery your future economy is dependent on....
The nonsensical way in which roads are placed also creates bottlenecks which result in the above..

Anyway, there's many MANY more errors to note but I won't be touching this game again until the devs sort out these issues , its simply too frustrating.

Since the devs have sorted out many of these issues its a brilliant game - though there are still issues they're simply no longer game-breaking and its well worth the asking price. The only thing I'd complain about at the moment is issues with the mods but if you're choosing to play without mods this isn't going to affect you.
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Shame to hear that, as it looks like a neat game from videos I've seen.