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I have purchased the game and played it for about 5h.
next day, the exe disappeared(?) and i could not start the game.
gog tried download some mb but it failed and said something with hard drive issue (i use the german client).
i have enough space on my hard drive (i played already the game).
I uninstalled the game, installed it again and the game worked.
then i played the game for total ~7h 30min (with no errors).
after some couple of hours i wanted to play again but the same error/bug occurred again.
i can not start the game, gog is trying to download and install some mb but fails and says hard drive failure.

so whats the point here? any help? whats wrong?
i do not want to uninstall and install the whole game again (even its only about 1,1 gb)

[EDIT] today on october 5th, gog finally installed some mb successfully and i can play again. so everything is fine now i guess
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